In person Homeopathy Consultation - Homeopathic Consultation for Okotoks, High River, Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta clients.

Online Consultation - Helping clients through skype and google talk consultation. I have patients in Ontario, British Columbia and in countries like Singapore, London (England) Middle East (UAE and Oman) and India. 

Over the Phone - Can't come in, but need consultation and medicine supply, call and talk to us.

Homeopathic Remedies - Wide variety of Homeopathic remedies available. We can also ship you the homeopathic medicine supplies.

Homeopathic Softwares & Books- Homeopathic books and software for professionals and students. Please order it online and we will be happy to ship you the products.

Educational Seminars for Homeopaths - Advancement of knowledge for professionals. We can arrange the educational seminar also for practitioners and call in experts for technical sessions.

Educational Seminars for Students - Delivering lectures for homeopathic students. Call us if you are interested in learning Homeopathy or would like to get more information on how to be a certified practitioner.

Study Groups - Study together to enhance knowledge and enrich the experience.

Projects for Homeopathy - Arranging seminars and projects for homeopathy with experts.

Provings of Homeopathic Medicine - Ready to prove old or new medicine.
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